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  • What’s Love Got To Do With Success?

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    Years ago Tina Turner asked “What’s love got to do with it?” In this video you will see love like you’ve never seen it before and find out just how quintessential love is to overall success. And not just any kind of love, the kind of love that is the single most creative force in the universe that allows you to manifest your heart’s desires. This is a juicy one not to be missed. I go right under the hood by sharing a life changing experience I had a few years ago that lead me to truly tap into this co-creative power to manifest my dreams. The information shared here might very well surprise you and change your life forever.

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  • Redefining Beauty – The BeYOUtiful Project

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    I am so very proud to share with you the BeYOUtiful Project Documentary featuring the women who took part in the official BeYOUtiful song video. These women all have incredible stories and it is my humble pleasure to share with the world and start the conversation of redefining beauty.

    Are you living your truth, following your heart and creating the life that you desire? Or, are you settling? When I asked myself this question on a gloomy Sunday morning years ago tears came streaming down my face. I truly took stock of my life and realized that if I wanted to become the best expression of myself I had to stop settling and start living authentically. I knew that living my truth would take courage but it would also be the most fulfilling and satisfying way to live. So gradually I ended the bad relationship kicked the unfulfilling job to the curb and walked away from the inauthentic music I was creating.

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  • Watch beYOUtiful Official Video

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    Psst I know that the holiday season is upon us and you are eager to go feast with your family and friends but before you go… feast your eyes on this:

    The Official beYOUtiful Music Video

    Our beYOUtiful light shines when we step out of the boxes others create for us and stand in our own truth. This song is a celebration of those who are brave enough to live form the core and chart their own path. Join the BeYOUtiful Life Here and lets shine together. As a member you get FREE music and Coaching to support you as you create your beYOUtiful Life!

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  • The Secret to Living A Rich Life

    The Secret to Living A Rich Life

    There is a saying that the graveyard is the richest place on earth because there you will find the world’s greatest treasures; unwritten books, unsung songs and phenomenal ideas all buried with those who weren’t brave enough to give their gifts while they were alive. It is this sobering thought that keeps me motivated to share my gifts in whatever way I can. I have found this practice to be very rewarding which lead me to writing this article about how giving is the secret sauce to living a rich life. Today I am elated to launch my website and give gifts to everyone who visit. I’m giving away the acoustic version of my song beYOUtiful, a beYOUtiful birthday gift card and as a certified success coach I’ll be sharing with you tips and inspiration to help you reach full potential and live the life you were born for. Accept your gifts click here.

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  • beYOUtiful Acoustic Session/How to Overcome What Holds You Back

    beYOUtiful Acoustic Session/How to Overcome What Holds You Back

    How many times have you held yourself back waiting for the perfect moment? I’m ready to start this new fitness program BUT…I’m ready to share my work with the world BUT. It’s time to kick that big BUT in the butt because the reality of the matter is, the perfect moment will never arrive.

    Today I share with you the acoustic version of beYOUtiful, which almost didn’t happen. My vision was to record it in a lavish, professional studio but a few days before the scheduled recording I got a call from the studio saying that they could no longer facilitate the session. I was sitting in the rehearsal studio when I got the news and as I absorbed the shock of the situation the mix engineer said, “Why not just do it here?” But, it’s not perfect, I thought. And there I was again holding myself back waiting for the perfect moment. This was my opportunity to jump out of the perfectionism trap and so I said, “Yes lets just do it.” We seized the moment and now I can share the video with you because I did not allow the circumstances to dictate the outcome:

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Giving Back

I Truly Believe That A Candle Looses Nothing By Lighting Another

When You Invest in Yourself by Purchasing With Me A Portion of The Proceeds Go To The Charities I  Support.


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Brave Girls Change The World

Empowering Girls To Find Their Voice and Use it To Change Their World. 




A For Purpose Foundation in Development. Inspired by Levantay’s Song “Brave Girl” to support young girls to develop the confidence to stand in their own truth and become the change they want to see in the world. Through programs, funding, partnerships and events we are building a foundation that will provide a voice for girls without one.


I love to bask in the power of words and use them to make a difference. These are my LevNotes or Love Notes to you.     If these resonate with you then feel free to share them using hashtags #LevNote #Levantay